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Why Solution Roadmap?

So you’ve got a great idea, but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’re working on a project, but you’ve run into some technical roadblocks? We’re here to help. We provide one on one consultation to entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey.

By building you a fully custom Solution Roadmap, our Silicon Valley tech veterans will advise you on how to validate your idea, help you avoid potential roadblocks, and create future-proof strategies for your startup.

What can you help me build?

Mobile Apps
Build apps your users will love. Our experts have experience scaling from zero to millions of users. We will give you directions on not only to get started, but also how to grow.

Marketplace Platforms
Creating the next sharing economy? Avoid common pitfalls and potential roadblocks by planning ahead.

We have experts that can help launch your Blockchain idea. From Whitepapers to Smart Contracts, we got you covered.

Artificial Intelligence
Not sure how to collect your data? We have Machine Learning experts to help you get started on data collection, and help build your next Skynet 🤖

What's included in a roadmap?

Choice of Tech Stacks
Let us know your choice of desired tech stack, or have us give you top three options.

Tasks, Difficulty, Estimated Timeline and Milestones
We will outline tasks and stories involved in building your project, measure difficulty and provide you an estimate.

Hiring Recommendations
Need help writing job descriptions? Hiring freelancers? Let us help you build your team, perfect for the project and get you started right away.

Handcrafted by the Experts

Top Talent Architects, Product Managers, and Successful Entrepreneurs will help you plan from zero to one.


See what our clients say

"Being a small design team who helps brands create compelling digital experiences it's critical to have reliable partners to assist in development. Quality developers who are efficient, timely and easy to communicate with aren't easy to find in such a demanding market and I'm grateful I discovered Superteam. They have quality project management, work hard and are fair in their hours. I've used them for help in custom Shopify apps and plan to continue to use their development resources in the future. "

Kelsey O'Callaghan

Owner & Chief Strategist at Kelsey O'Callaghan Design

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