About Us

SUPERTEAM was founded in 2017 by two brothers 
(Danny and Terence Pae) after realizing the niche within the freelancing industry. Clients have a difficult time managing freelancers, and also having to pay higher prices to work with agencies.

SUPERTEAM focuses on the freelancers, creating a vibrant community of experts. It has since grown to share the spotlight with clients in order to educate, plan, and launch products, allowing the community to grow together.

Danny Pae


Terence Pae


Taein Hankins

Business Development Manager/Marketing Manager

Dan Carr


Royce Song

Business Development Manager

Joan Le

Project Manager

Palm Kaveerat

Product Designer

Daniel James Eldridge

Business Development Manager


See what our freelancers have to say

"I enjoyed my time working on a mobile game project with Royce and Terence. The team was always quick to respond, provided constructive feedback and gave me a lot of creative freedom."

Justin Nichols