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How to Hire a Blockchain Developer in 2019

The blockchain industry is growing rapidly, yet the number of available blockchain developers is still relatively small. Out of the 18 million software developers in the world, only a few thousands are dedicated to blockchain development. Web developers may be  easy to find, but many still are searching for how to hire a blockchain developer. […]

Legal Tips For Startups: Advice From Experts in 2019

Small businesses in the US are thriving. The total number reached over 30.2 million in 2018. While there is no shortage of advice for those looking to start a business, startup founders often are still in the dark when it comes to common legal issues. Here is a curated list of legal tips for startups […]

Blockchain Use Cases: 8 Ways The World Will Change

We often receive questions about blockchain technology. The most common question being “what does blockchain mean for businesses?” In this article we’ll look at some well-known businesses already using blockchain technology. Then we’ll explore exciting blockchain use cases for 8 different industries. The Crypto-Crash Due to the craze of cryptocurrency, blockchain’s potential was never addressed […]

20 KPI Metrics For Mobile App Performance Evaluation

Metrics for Mobile App  Evaluating a mobile application against certain key performance metrics is a fruitful way to figure out an app’s performance. Understanding how well an application does in the market is the stepping stone to launching a better secondary app. Audience feedback is of top priority, and determining the metrics for mobile app […]

Blueprint For Developing The Best UX Design For Apps

Looks do matter, at least when it comes to the internet and web applications — the past used to be all about the best functionality. The modern era, however, goes one step ahead and having an excellent appearance and user-friendly experience is a necessity next to efficiency. That is why it is essential to have the best […]

Can Non-Technical Entrepreneurs Be Successful?

Many successful tech startups have been founded by non-technical entrepreneurs who were computer science majors. You have Google (Larry Page and Sergei Brin), Netflix (Reed Hastings), and Amazon (Jeff Bezos). However, many others have succeeded without techie founders. For example, former English teacher Jack Ma leads Alibaba; neuroscientist Rashmi Sinha founded SlideShare, and product design […]

5 Steps To Create A Mobile App

What are the steps to create a mobile app?  The benefits of a mobile app are that it can pave the way for creating a far more personal connection between the company and the consumer when opposed to a mobile-friendly website. With mobile apps, the UI is in your control, you can send notifications to […]

What Is A Technical Project Manager?

As a player in the programming or development industry, you may have heard the term ‘technical project manager’ being thrown around quite a bit, especially in recent times. If you’re working on a team project, it is likely that you will be placed under the supervision and guidance of a project manager who will be […]

Toyota Quality Problems: The Rise And The Fall Of The World’s Largest Auto Manufacturer.

In 2001, Toyota Motor Corporation summed up the philosophy, values and manufacturing ideals it used to guide the company to success. By cultivating and promoting a culture of continuous improvement and respect for others, Toyota had grown into the world’s second-largest automotive manufacturer and the first manufacturer to produce 10 million vehicles.  The company philosophy served […]

The Risks Of Hiring A Freelance Developer

You wake up at 3 in the morning. Your heart is pounding — your mind is racing. You’ve just come up with the next big idea for an app or website that is going to change the world. ‘This is it!’ you tell yourself — ‘my big idea!’ The only problem is, your background is […]