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Creating A Mobile App

What are the steps to create a mobile app?  The benefits of a mobile app are that it can pave the way for creating a far more personal connection between the company and the consumer when opposed to a mobile-friendly website. With mobile apps, the UI is in your control, you can send notifications to the users, and provide a better service overall. For the purpose of this, we have put together several points which will help you create a successful mobile application. Below, we will list the 5 ways to improve your mobile application.

1. Identify A Problem To Solve With Your App

Create Mobile app

There is a difference between having an idea that you like, compared to having an idea that the world likes. The second one brings in customers and traffic, therefore — money. So how would you know if the world is going to like your idea? Simple! Is it solving any problem that people are facing? If yes, then it’s likely people will use your application.

2. Design the UX/UI With Intuitiveness In Mind

Create Mobile app

Smartphones are becoming bigger with screen sizes nearing the 6” mark. But, mobiles are still meant to be a single-handed device. And even though screen sizes are increasing, you’re not getting as much real-estate as compared to a traditional desktop.

These are things you should keep in mind while designing the UX/UI. Don’t clutter the interface with too many options, and create frequently used buttons easily reachable by the fingers.

3. Create a prototype

Create Mobile app

Once you have an idea and decide how to implement it, then it’s time to create a prototype to see it in action. This is the most crucial part of a mobile application. Having the app in front of you will allow further evaluation and it’s potential — it won’t merely be an idea in your head.

Also, if you want to add more features, you will need to attract the attention of investors. Prospecting a prototype is far easier than looking through a product description on a piece of paper. Define your product and bring it to life instead of having a poor product design. 

4. Beta Test The App

Create Mobile app

With investors funding your project, you have almost completed creating your app. This is the perfect time to put it out for beta testing. Since the app is in beta, people won’t mind too much if they encounter bugs. Instead of getting negative reviews, now you will get constructive feedbacks which you can utilize to improve your app. It can also create a little noise in the market that someone is coming out with a new app.

5. Capture Metrics On User Behavior

Create Mobile app

Knowing how people are using your application is extremely important. This tells you what they like most about your app, so you can start focusing on that particular area. Some of the metrics you should be looking into include; social sharing habits of your users, time of usage, geographic, demographics, etc. This will help you paint a better picture of your users and see the most important KPI’s so you can optimize your app. Having a roadmap created by Superteam can simplify the headaches and technical difficulties in creating a mobile app. 


Improving your mobile application takes time and involves many different steps. Having an idea that solves consumer issues will be the first step. The second step will be creating a UX/UI design that is user-friendly for your customers. The third step will be creating a prototype. The fourth step will be Beta testing it, and the last step will be capturing the metrics and KPI’s on your user behavior to improve your app.

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