Daniel James

Daniel James

NEON: The Internet that pays you for your personality.

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We interviewed Gillian Delaunay, founder and CEO of NEON to find out how she’s empowering ordinary internet users to get paid for their data.

“…data is being sold without our consent and it’s a billion dollar industry…other people are making money off our participation…we are trying to do something that changes that pathway…so people like you and me are making that money back.”

Listen to the complete interview here: https://sup.pm/NEON

Each time you browse online, you freely give away valuable information. This data is sold to internet marketers who use it to target you with promotional ads. Shouldn’t there be a way for you and I to be compensated for our data? Now there is.

NEON is pioneering a new platform that allows you to regain control and earn points from your own demographic data which can be converted into cash or rewards. By completing a brief questionnaire, you can discover what ‘color’ you are. (https://www.theneonid.com/). Once activated, you’ll earn rewards for simply doing what you already do.

So my data is still being sold? What about my privacy? Your data is being sold already, you’re just missing out on a cut from the pie. With the NEON extension allows you to browse anonymously while still earning rewards. Want to know about upcoming events in your city? See events filtered by what you’re most likely to enjoy based on your color profile.

Your information is valuable. It’s time you got paid for it.

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