Frequently Asked Questions

So…how does it work?

We help our clients by putting together a detailed plan of actionable steps to bring your project to life. Imagine you want to build a home. You have a picture of the completed building in your mind, but still need someone to put together a detailed plan to build it. You would hire an architect to translate your vision into a blueprint – the document that serves as ultimate truth for the construction company to make it happen. That’s what we do. Perhaps you’re working on a mobile or web app. Maybe you’re looking to integrate blockchain into your business. Whatever it may be, we’ll help you put together a blueprint for success.

Is Superteam an agency?

Although you might be able to hire an agency to build your product, you won’t necessarily have a deep understanding of how the underlying technology works. They’ll give you a quote, collect payment, and deliver a (hopefully) finished product. We do things differently. We focus on educating our clients so they can walk away with solid grasp on all the pieces of the puzzle that come together to make their product work. We believe in this empowering approach to give founders and entrepreneurs every chance possible to succeed.

What can you help me build?

Mobile Apps
Build apps your users will love. Our experts have experience scaling from zero to millions of users. We will give you directions on not only how to get started, but also how to grow.

Marketplace Platforms
Creating the next sharing economy? Avoid common pitfalls and potential roadblocks by planning ahead.

We have experts that can help launch your Blockchain idea. From Whitepapers to Smart Contracts, we got you covered.

Artificial Intelligence
Not sure how to collect your data? We have Machine Learning experts to help you get started on data collection, and help build your next Skynet

Can I get a quote for my project?

It’s almost impossible to give a quote without knowing exactly what we’re building. A mobile app could require only a handful of hours to create…or it could require months. That’s why before giving you a quote we go through the roadmapping process to identify exactly what your project demands. It also gives us a chance to eliminate any unnecessary features that can drive up development costs, while focusing on the most important aspects of your project. Sure, you could go to an agency and get a quote within the same day, but in our experience the estimate can be double or triple the true cost.

What is a solution architect?

Glad you asked! It’s not a term many people know outside of traditional business settings. We wrote a long article about it on our blog. But to give you a brief explanation, a solution architect is an expert who draws upon a wide range of disciplines to put together a plan to complete a project. A good solution architect will know what tools are available for the task at hand, while seeing the project from a bird’s eye view.

What is a solution roadmap?

A solution roadmap is a document that outlines all the desired outcomes of a project and identifies the optimal strategies for completing it. When it comes to developing a tech product, there are many moving pieces. A solution roadmap states what kind of talent is needed and what tools they should use. Read more about it here!

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