The Uber for Oil Changes


Picture this: there you are caught in the morning bumper-to-bumper rush hour when suddenly your oil change light comes on. Just what you needed: another thing to worry about during your hectic day. If you’re like most people, you put it off for later…and cause potentially lasting damage to your engine. Mechaniku finally fixes this issue by having mechanics come to your work or home, to get the job done with no extra effort on your part!

What We Did

  • Development progress audit
  • Application blueprint
  • Mobile app development
mobile oil change

The Challenge

Founders Jesse and Clifton stumbled upon the idea for Mechankiu after dealing with the hassle of fitting oil changes into their already busy schedules. With full time jobs requiring traveling, they wanted a way to reduce the effort required to get their car’s oil changed. Finding no adequate solution, they saw the opportunity to build it themselves.

Their first attempt at getting their app developed was full of challenges. The freelancers they hired to do the job didn’t deliver the results they had promised. The freelancers were over budget and behind schedule. While looking for a new agency to work with, Mechaniku chose SUPERTEAM based on our expertise and highly personal approach to development.

mobile app developers

The Process

Our goal was to help Mechaniku leverage the power of the on-demand economy to create a frictionless user experience for both car owners and mobile mechanics alike. We started by analyzing the work of the previous freelancers. Some of the work was salvageable, but much of it would need to be recreated.

Using our lean approach to development, we found a way to utilize proven tools to quickly build a powerful and robust backend for the application.  By using existing tools and only coding the most unique parts of the app, we were able to build the app quickly and affordably.

The Results

Rather than giving up completely on the project due to false starts, Mechaniku was able to bring their innovative idea to market. The app is currently being tested with users and mechanics to perfect the user experience. The app will be available to the public Q3 of 2019.

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