The Internet with a Colorful Personality


When you browse the internet, service providers collect your data and sell it to advertisers without your knowledge. The team behind NEON decided it was time for a change, and set out to fix how users are compensated for their data.

What We Did

  • Solution Roadmap
  • Frontend website development
  • Backend application development

The Challenge

The idea behind NEON had slowly been developed over 8 years by Gillian and her team of experts in Psychology. They developed a unique approach to profiling their users through a series of custom personality tests, assigning a ‘color’ to each personality type.

Their challenge lay in finding a way to allow users to earn money by connecting their browsing behavior to their test results. Coming from a diverse set of backgrounds, such as Clinical Psychology and Entertainment, the team at NEON had perfected their concept, but knew they’d need the advice of experts in software development to help them reach their ambitious goal.

The Process

Our goal was to help NEON leverage the power of blockchain technology to enable users to earn money for the data they were sharing. We built a robust system that allows users to connect every-day browsing behaviors to their personality test results, while still maintaining their privacy. Additionally, we created a backend platform for advertisers to utilize this data to provide relevant ads to users while rewarding them for their participation.

While constructing the underlying technology of the platform, we sought to leverage the power of existing tools and only custom-code software where necessary. In this way, we would be able to rapidly build the first version of their application.

The Results

After going through the Roadmapping process, the NOZL team was able to see their years of hard work begin to pay off. Finally able to see the clear path forward, they were in full control of their future and ready to make their impact.

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